Ergonomic Office chair

Inspired by butterflies in nature, the BUTTERFLY series adopts a semi-enclosing lumbar close to the arc of the lumbar spine, creating an indirect connection between man and nature through bionic design elements, awakening the human brain’s interactive imagination of real nature, and creating it in an indoor environment The pleasant and relaxing atmosphere further stimulates unlimited creativity.

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Key Features

- Bock Chassis
Applying the chassis jointly developed with the professional organization BOCK in Germany, based on scientific experiments and measurements, a large amount of ergonomic data collection and analysis are carried out to provide scientific basis for functional design and operating system design.


- Suspended Handrail
The armrest bracket is connected with the seat back frame, so that the armrest can be tilted synchronously with the seat back, which effectively solves the problem of lack of hand support when the user reclines, and enhances the user's sitting experience.


​- Butterfly Waist

Taking the natural butterfly as the source of inspiration for the design, the design team made functional innovations to the waist support based on the flapping and flapping posture of the butterfly wings, so that it can withstand the waist strength of people of different weights, and automatically cooperate with the two vertical and vertical axis of motion to make corresponding Position adjustment, always keeping close to the user's lumbar curve.


Good to know

"Simple and comfortable, clean and versatile" is Gu Teng's comment on the BUTTERFLY office chair series. The design team hopes to create a practical but interesting office swivel chair that can break the dullness of the space. This office swivel chair has no obvious style and is not limited to a specific scene. It can be placed in a personal space or in a collaborative space. It is an office chair that "cannot go wrong" without a clear demand.

Care & Maintanances

- Vacuum Clean.
- Wipe with damp cloth.
- Light stain can be wipe with mild cleaner.

Product Informations

 Type  Ergonomic Office Chair
 Color  Grey/Black
 Back  Mesh
 Seat  Fabric, Mould F
 Frame/Base  Nylon (Grey/Black)
 Gas lift  KGS class 4 gas lift
 Mechanism  Germany "Bock" Auto Mechanism
 Product certificate  BIFMA


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