19 Aug 2021

10 idea for you Staying away Sane when Working from Home, WFH furniture idea in Malaysia


Staying Sane when Working from Home

August 17, 2021

The Perfect Desks for Every Worker

 Keeping your profession during an outbreak is a gift. Due to the fact that the majority of businesses are laying off the majority of their personnel, the fortunate few are forced to work from home. 

Working remotely is never easy. Your surroundings are different. The computer in front of you is all that you have. Your co-workers are either out of the job or working in their homes. The breaks in between can also be muddled as you try to finish all of your tasks earlier. You may also be distracted by a lot of things happening inside your home. 

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

The E7 Standing desk is the perfect addition to the comforts of your home. 

This desk features an upgraded build and modern elevating mechanism of the dual-motor mechanism increase the weight aptitude and provide optimal sturdiness particularly at the top level. There is also a minimal distraction as the desk remains steady while it quietly and quickly raises or lowers with the help of the innovative and energy-efficient LED control that has height presets that you can save. For those who get too immersed in their work, they can set up alerts to tell them when to stand or sit down.

Along with the characteristics mentioned above, there are several workstation choices available. For those who love a feel of nature inside their offices, the bamboo and solid wood is the best choice for you. On the other hand, the laminated top offers ten different color options which will give you the highest chance of making it work beautifully for your office. In the end, FlexiSpot guarantees that each of these choices can withstand the pressure and daily tasks you do in it. 

Introducing Our Quick-Assembled Model EC9

Our Professional home office furniture designers created standing desk EC9 by listening to you! With the feature of 5-minute assembly, set up a standing desk couldn’t be easier—simply insert the lifting columns into the factory-installed crossbeam and attach the feet, you are good to go! Now you can sit and work and/or stand and work while not worrying about spine health issues

Get the EF1 standing desk that fits your style and budget

If you are looking for a desk that can maximize the small office space, consider Flexispot EF1 standing desk as your new set up idea. EF1 offers a fully adjustable standing experience from 71 to 121cm with easy-to-control settings.

There is also a wide variety of desktop colours and frames to choose from, so you can be creative with your workstation.

Final Thoughts

As you treat your job as a blessing, it will in turn bless you with more good things to come. It can be hard especially now that everything is very unpredictable, but with the help of FlexiSpot’s ergonomic standing desk, you are assured of a better and safer condition all throughout your remote working.